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Ice Raiders Select



All new players must first register with our House League before participating 
Registrars will be available at all tryouts 

We will roster multiple teams for all age groups when required

All age groups will have at least 1 tryout with all players. In age divisions where multiple teams
are required, players will be assessed 
and directed to the appropriate team according to skill level.

About the Program:

Ice Raiders “Select” players are drawn from the Ice Raiders House League program and compete against other House League “Select” teams in exhibition games, tournaments and the North York Hockey League (NYHL). Select players on teams entered in the NYHL play 1 game per week with their House League team and 1 game per week with their Select team. NYHL games are scheduled around our House League times. Select teams have a full ice practice each week.

This season we expect to enter at least one select team from each age group into the North York Hockey League (NYHL) Select program. The Fall Season begins play in early October and plays through the Christmas break at which point divisions are re-balanced making the Winter Season both fair and exciting for all.

While the coach is selected by the League Executive, most of a select teams’ organization falls to the teams themselves and the body of parents who all get involved. This includes a budget approved by the Executive that is funded by the players selected to the team. Fundraising often takes place to offset the costs that can range from $400 to $700 in addition to your House League fees. All teams will play in our tournaments in January and February, and some will enter additional tournaments throughout the season.

Novice players improve their skills and grow as individuals getting ready to move on to our Scarborough Ice Raiders GTHL teams, the older players enjoy the extra competitiveness of select hockey. Several select players have moved up to our GTHL teams for the 2016-2017 season.

Please note that you must be registered for the 2017/18 or were registered for the 2016/17 season to be eligible to participate in SPRING TRYOUTS.

For further information contact Select Program Director
George Rennie