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The Scarborough Ice Raiders House League provides a complete program to players at all levels in a house league atmosphere. There are approximately 800 kids registered and playing in a very successful environment. Over the years, the house league has worked to put together a more stabilized schedule that has led to fewer conflicts for our multiple player families and there are always more positive changes occurring to help streamline the program.

  Info on Scarborough Ice Raiders House League Tournaments

SIR_logo_Select_KOThe Scarborough Ice Raiders Select division is a comprehensive select program with teams participating in the North York Hockey League (N.Y.H.L.).  All players also compete in the house league program on their own individual teams.

There are currently 14 teams that compete in the NYHL and the S.H.A. Hockey Club hosts 2 successful tournaments each year that these teams participate in. Scarborough Ice Raiders Select teams are also the affiliated teams to the Scarborough Ice Raiders G.T.H.L. teams. More information on this program can be obtained at

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The Scarborough Ice Raiders division is a competitive program that participates in the eastern division of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (G.T.H.L.) at the “A” and "AA" level.

More information on this program can be obtained by contacting General Manager Joe Gifkins .



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Info about the SHA

The S.H.A. Hockey Club is the amalgamation of the remaining clubs that made up the former Scarborough Hockey Association. As the needs in the community we serve changed, we too changed to continue to be able to provide minor hockey to the community of Scarborough.

Ice Raiders Select

 About the Program:

Ice Raiders “Select” players are drawn from the Ice Raiders House League program and compete against other House League “Select” teams in exhibition games, tournaments and the North York Hockey League (NYHL). Select players on teams entered in the NYHL play 1 game per week with their House League team and 1 game per week with their Select team. NYHL games are scheduled around our House League times. Select teams have a full ice practice each week.

This season we expect to enter at least one select team from each age group into the North York Hockey League (NYHL) Select program. The Fall Season begins play in early October and plays through the Christmas break at which point divisions are re-balanced making the Winter Season both fair and exciting for all.

While the coach is selected by the League Executive, most of a select teams’ organization falls to the teams themselves and the body of parents who all get involved. This includes a budget approved by the Executive that is funded by the players selected to the team. Fundraising often takes place to offset the costs that can range from $400 to $700 in addition to your House League fees. All teams will play in our tournaments in January and February, and some will enter additional tournaments throughout the season.

Novice players improve their skills and grow as individuals getting ready to move on to our Scarborough Ice Raiders GTHL teams, the older players enjoy the extra competitiveness of select hockey. Several select players have moved up to our GTHL teams for the current season.

For further information contact Select Program Director
George Rennie


2015/2016 Team Photos

1. Tyke Select 20151110 0039


Minor Novice Black

2. Min Noivce Blk 20151209 0039


Minor Novice Red
3. Min Novice Red 20151204 0003


Novice Black
4. Novice  Black 20160124 0035


Novice Red
5. Novice Red S 20151120 0003

Novice White
6. Novice White 20151204 0003

Minor Atom
7. Minor Atom S 20151201 0004



8. Atom S 20151108 0054

Minor Peewee

9. Minor Peewee S 20151201 0004

Peewee Black
10. Peewee S Black 20151122 0041

Peewee Red
11. Peewee S Red 20151122 0034

Minor Bantam
12. Minor Bantam S 20151108 0042 Revised3


13. Bantam 20151219 0004

Minor Midget
14. Min Midget S 20151207 0043


Midget Junior
15. Midget Jr 20160117 0002


Midget Senior

16. Midget Sr 20160117 0033

Select Tryouts 2019-2020 Season


House League Registration Update (2)

Hello Parents / Guardians,

We hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe during this very trying and confusing time.

Our Online Registration link is currently available through:                    

Below are some important notes you should read prior to registering in the S.H.A. Hockey Club (Scarborough Ice Raiders) Program. It is the sole purpose of this organization to provide a not for profit community-based program that works on a cost recovery bases that provides an equal opportunity for the entire community.

At this time our Governing Bodies including (Greater Toronto Hockey League, Ontario Hockey Federation and of Hockey Canada) have not yet confirmed when the S.H.A. Hockey Club and other Programs will begin. As you are all aware our Provincial and Federal Governments will determine that as soon as it become safe for our children.

Registration: To prepare for the return, and because it will be a short turnaround time from approval to play, it is important that we have everyone registered prior to that date. Once a start date is determined, we will have approximately 4 weeks instead of the summer to order and provide all the necessities to start the season.  To alleviate as much financial burden as possible to our families at this time, when registering you will not pay a deposit until the program is determined.  

Once the length and detail of the program is determined, the final price will be set, including compensation for the early finish last season.  Parents will need to complete registration electronically with the payment being split into 2 equal payments over a 60 day period.

New Registrations: For our new families the same process will be followed as above with Program Information details found at .

Goaltenders: Goaltenders registration will be available online.  If you are registering a goaltender and the goaltender option is not displayed for the age group in question, email with the full name and date of birth of your child.  The registrar will confirm if there are still goaltender spots available.

Little Raiders (Hockey School): All players born in 2016, 2017 will be placed in the Little Raider Program. Players born in 2014, 2015 will not have an option for this program as the H.C.R. (Hockey Canada Registry) does not allow multiply options for the same age group. If you wish to have your child in this program, please register them in the option available in the system then email and our registrar will change the registration of your child to Little Raider in the system.

Coaches: As always we are also looking to confirm Coaches for the upcoming season, if interested please email and I will contact you directly to place in the Division you are interested in coaching.

Seasonal Awards: As stated previously, when we are available to meet, the awards from the 2019 / 2020 season will be made available.  A separate email will be sent out when this is available.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will attempt to answer them in a timely fashion with the information that we have been provided with to date.

Ed Wahl
SHA Hockey Club / Scarborough Ice Raiders