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The Scarborough Ice Raiders House League provides a complete program to players at all levels in a house league atmosphere. There are approximately 1000 kids registered and playing in a very successful environment. Over the years, the house league has worked to put together a more stabilized schedule that has led to fewer conflicts for our multiple player families and there are always more positive changes occurring to help streamline the program.

  Info on Scarborough Ice Raiders House League Tournaments

SIR_logo_Select_KOThe Scarborough Ice Raiders Select division is a comprehensive select program with teams participating in the North York Hockey League (N.Y.H.L.).  All players also compete in the house league program on their own individual teams.

There are currently 20 teams that compete in the NYHL and the S.H.A. Hockey Club hosts 2 successful tournaments each year that these teams participate in. Scarborough Ice Raiders Select teams are also the affiliated teams to the Scarborough Ice Raiders G.T.H.L. teams. More information on this program can be obtained at

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The Scarborough Ice Raiders division is a competitive program that participates in the eastern division of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (G.T.H.L.) at the “A” and "AA" level.

More information on this program can be obtained by contacting General Manager Joe Gifkins .



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